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International Gemological Laboratories, Calgary, Alberta

Jewellery Appraisals & Custom Jewellery Designers

Specializing in the identification, evaluation and appraisals of diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, fine jewellery & watches


- Celebrating - 42 years of excellence

Microscope for identification and evaluation of diamonds and colored stones

International Gemological Laboratories

Since 1981, IGL our team of GIA-Certified Gemologist/Appraisers has specialized in the identification, evaluation & appraisals of diamonds, coloured stones, pearls & jewellery in our fully equipped gemological lab.

Our 42 + years in the jewellery industry has given us the experience to be able to provide professional expertise and advice to jewellers, insurance companies and consumers.

This website evolved from our continued commitment to the jewellery industry in providing gemological information to those who are purchasing, selling, insuring, or simply adoring gems and jewellery. Feel free to navigate through our site as you learn more about us, about gems and jewellery, and about insuring your precious possessions.

Synthetic or Lab-Grown Diamond Identification

Can you spot one?
We are able to screen and identify all types of Synthetic and Diamond-Simulants in our fully equipped laboratory

The importance of insuring your jewellery

After you’ve purchased and appraised your jewellery, it comes time to insure your treasures by getting a personal property insurance policy. We recommend getting in touch with your insurance company that already insures your home.

Learn more about jewellery insurance.

In-Store Jewellery Appraisals, drop-off -or- while you wait

Microscope for identification and evaluation of diamonds and colored stones