Jewellery Appraisal Products & Services

IGL offers a wide variety of jewellery appraisal product in Calgary:

  • Jewellery Appraisals for:
    • Insurance / Replacement purposes
    • Estate / Probate purposes
    • Travel purposes (Canada Customs)
    • Loose and Mounted Gemstones
    • Precious Metal Jewellery including Gold, Platinum & Silver
    • Pearls
    • Wrist and Pocket Watches
    • Antique Jewellery, etc...
  • Diamond Identification – Natural vs Synthetic
  • Gemstone Identification – Natural vs Synthetic
  • Diamond Quality Certificates
  • Diamond Quality Cards
  • Diamond Plots - Inclusions & Blemishes
  • Gold and Metals Testing
  • Education and Purchase Consultation
  • Seminars - Insurance Agents & Organizations
  • Digital Photography (1:1 Ratio)
  • Cleaning and Repairs


What do you charge for appraisals? Our charges are as follows:

Each item appraised... $75.00 (first item) & $55.00 (each additional item)
Ten or more items... By Estimate
Complicated items... By Estimate
Update Appraisals... $35.00
Gemstone Identification... $15.00
Diamond Grading Certicate... $95.00 (includes Plot)
Diamond Plot... $20.00 (per stone)
Education & Consultation... FREE with appraisal
Seminars... $150.00 set-up and $60.00 per hour
Digital Photos... $10.00 each
Cleaning... Always FREE
Repairs... By Estimate

(The 5% Goods & Services Tax will be added to above fees). We accept cash, cheques, visa, MasterCard and Interac

IGL also accepts Visa, MasterCard and Interac
GIA Canadian Jewellers Association